Christmas, new years and my birthday

A few Sunday’s ago it was Christmas – a working day as usual (the working week here is Sun to Thurs) but most of us had the day off. We did a Secret Santa so on the 24th I trailed around Souk al Arabi looking for something for Kamran (ended up buying a jalabiya). We all carefully wrapped our presents in newspaper and plastic bags and placed them under the tree, which as you can see was lovingly constructed:

Jorge patiently coloured the whole tree in

We invited some friends over in the evening and all cooked different dishes. There was so much food! We had course after course…enchiladas, a potato omelet, aubergine curry (made with special Pakistani spices which Kaman’s Mum brought in Florida and had sent to him via various people travelling to Sudan), potato salad, bread…all so good! I made ice cream (green tub in pic):


For New Years we had a little party in Omdurman. We had loads of Chinese fireworks (long sticks which you hold, then light the ends and the fireworks burst out and explode in the sky. It was a bit precarious at times because some of them didn’t light straight away so you had to try to keep lighting them then quickly pull your hand away before the fireworks came out the end). It was nice though, we played a few card games and sat around on the roof. We could see the fireworks on Nile Street from the roof which was great, lucky Khartoum is flat and has very few tall buildings so we had a perfect view.

My birthday was good too, a few of us went for lunch at the Yemeni, this was my birthday meal:

This is fuul – one of Sudan’s staples (we were at a Yemeni restaurant though so this is the Yemeni version, the Sudanese put cheese on top and have pita bread instead of flat bread). It tasted delcious! It’s made from beans so is completely vegetarian.

We also had tea at this tea lady spot (one of my favourites) close to the flat:


Cate got her shoes polished and they looked so good! Better than they did when they were new apparently. This weekend I also had a little belated bday party in Omdurman.

Here is a pic from a boat trip I went on recently:

Khartoum looks so green from the water! About 1 KM away from the Nile it’s a desert.
On my bday!

A friend is coming to visit soon, I know her from England but she now lives in Poland. I am so looking forward to her coming, we will do a trip all around the northern part of Sudan, I will talk about the route in the next post.


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